Brokers vs. Hertz

Everyone knows the Brokers, who offer cheap car rental.

Why are their prices so low?

  • Brokers have agreements with many rental car suppliers and the customer does not know which supplier will be booked. Only after the booking, will the customer be able to see which supplier he has booked.
  • Mostly these car rental suppliers are outside the terminals, so the customer has to take a shuttle bus to pick up his car.
  • These cars have increased mileage and often the cars are much older
  • You have to book via an external website.
  • Additonal charges will be added upon collection of the car, such as fuel and insurance. Which will make the rental more expensive!

Why book Hertz?

  • Hertz is a premium car rental supplier with its own fleet and stations.
  • Stations are always central, direct in the airports terminals and easy to reach.
  • Hertz fleet are very new, with most cars no older than 6 months and therefore with low mileage.
  • You can book via the GDS and therefore the booking will be automatically included in the travel itineraries.
  • You can book and provide the Gold number of your customer so they do not have to wait at the counter when collecting the car.

And what are your benefits?

  • Hertz offers special travel agency package rates, Hertz Business Lite and Hertz Business+.
  • You can receive up to 15% commission.
  • You have a direct contact / Account Manager at Hertz. Useful contacts can be located under the HertzHeroes section.


What are you experiences with Brokers?

We look forward to receiving your feedback. Please forward this to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post in the leader board within the Hertz Heroes section!


Can I book a Hertz car via GDS?

Yes, the GDS entry for Hertz is ZE.

How many stations does Hertz have?

Hertz has more than 14500 stations worldwide.

How many stations does Hertz have?

Hertz has more than 14500 stations worldwide.