ACRISS is an Industry Standard Car Classification Code and was formed in 1989 by Avis, Budget, Europcar and Hertz. The key role of Acriss is to develop standards, to avoid misleading information when making a car rental booking online or via any electronic means. ACRISS Members utilize an industry standard vehicle matrix to define car models ensuring a like to like comparison of vehicles. This easy-to-use matrix consists of four categories. Each position in the four character vehicle code represents a definable characteristic of the vehicle. This vehicle matrix makes it possible to have 400 vehicle types. Car codes are created by assigning one character from each column and combining them into a four-character car code.

How does it work?

To help you make a choose between all the cars Hertz offers, we work with the four letter ACRISS system (Association of Car Rental Industry System Standards):

1st character defines the vehicle category – based on size, cost, power and luxury factor.

2nd character defines the vehicle type – chassis type (van, SUV, wagon, convertible).

3rd character defines the transmission and drive – automatic / manual & 2WD / 4WD / AWD.

4th character defines the fuel type (petrol / diesel / hybrid…) and whether the car is air-conditioned.

The characteristics defined in the ACRISS code are guaranteed, although we cannot guarantee aspects such as the brand or colour (with the exception of "collection cars").

2nd Character in Germany, character X has an additional meaning. It indicates a guaranteed built-in Navigation system.

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What is defined by each character?

Category, Type, Transmission, Fuel

What does the X as 2nd character mean in Germany?

Build-in navigation system.

Are brand and colour guaranteed by ACRISS?

No, but can be confirmed in the Hertz Collections.