SuperCover Insurance

Eliminate the excess liability (No own risk!)

If your customer opts for or if the rate includes Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Protection (TP), they may also wish to purchase additional protection. Super Cover / Super CDW, is available to waiver the remaining liability for damage/theft to/of the Hertz vehicle. This includes losses resulting from a collision, vandalism, or theft. This is providing the vehicle is used in accordance to the terms and conditions.

Super Cover / Super CDW may not be available in some countries if you are under a certain age. This may also not apply to customers on business contract rate rentals, unless there is a CDP code indicating this option is applicable. This will also be applicable for cargo vans. The Hertz Business + CDP number is the rate programme that should be opted for customers requiring the Super Cover, all-inclusive insurance.

The cost of Super Cover / Super CDW differentiate per car class and location. Super Cover/Super CDW can only be purchased at the time of pickup of the car or when you offer your customer the Hertz Business + rate.

Super Cover / Super CDW does not cover broken/lost keys, contamination of fuel or the Hertz NeverLost navigation system.

Detailed information can be found in our terms & conditions.


Do your customers have an own risk left when they accepted the SuperCover insurrance?

No, the Supercover insurance  eliminates the excess liability.

Can you book the SuperCover insurance upfront?

Yes, but only when you offer Hertz Business + to your customers. In all other cases SupeCover can only be booked at the pick-up.