SuperCover (SC)

As with most insurance policies, our CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and TP (Theft Protection) products come with a mandatory excess that you remain liable for should there be any damage or theft of the vehicle, regardless of how it is caused. These values vary by country and by type of car rented. Our SuperCover insurance allows you to waive this excess for your rental so that you will have nothing to pay should anything happen to the vehicle.

The only things SuperCover doesn’t cover are Hertz Wifi, Hertz NeverLost SatNav units, broken or lost keys, wheels, tyres, contamination of fuel and other grossly negligent actions or breaches of your rental agreement such as the unlikely case that you cause any damage or loss by criminal activity. And it’s only available in participating countries. Otherwise, it covers you everywhere and for everything.

The cost of SuperCover vary per car class and location. SuperCover can only be purchased at the time of pickup of the car – so at the station directly. It can also not be paid for upfront. One exception is when you book the Hertz Business+ rate. Our Hertz Business+ rate has the SuperCover included and is the perfect solution for customers who like to travel with zero excess.

Detailed information can be found in our terms & conditions or take our Insurance E-Learning on Hertz Heroes and earn points. 

Do your customers have an own risk left when they accepted the SuperCover insurance?

No, the SuperCover insurance  eliminates the excess liability.

Can you book the SuperCover insurance upfront?

Yes, but only when you offer Hertz Business + to your customers. In all other cases SupeCover can only be booked at the pick-up.