Save time, save paper, receive your receipts by email.

Members of our award-winning Hertz Gold Plus Rewards programs can receive a handy PDF version of their rental receipts.

These ‘eReceipts’ are sent to you by email upon the return of the vehicle and after our staff have closed your Rental Agreement. They are detailed statements of your charges but do not replace VAT invoices (your TAX invoice will be available online within 24 hours on

The Membership of our loyalty programs and the eReceipts service is free.

Can all customers recieve eReciepts?

Yes, but the customer needs to be registerd with Gold Plus. 

What does your customer need to do to receive eReceipts?

Mark in his Gold Profile that he wishes to recieve eReciepts.

How is a eReciept sent to your customer?

Your customer will recieve a E-Mail with the invoice in PDF.