Hertz Collections

Hertz offers Five tailor-made rental collections:

  • Green, fuel-efficient run-arounds
  • Family, practical five and seven-seater family cars
  • Fun, affordable small convertibles and coupes
  • Prestige, high end models
  • Dream cars, some of the finest cars on the road

Your customers will benefit the following advantages within the Hertz Collections:

  • A big variety of vehicles to choose from
  • High quality, low mileage
  • Make & model Guarantee*
  • Express pick-ups**
  • Instant drop-offs**
  • Loyalty points

* Only available on Fun, Prestige and Dream Collections.
** Only available for Hertz Gold Plus Rewards.

An overview of Hertz car types can be requested within the GDS:
Sabre: CP*ZEXXX/M ( M = make)

( XXX = location code )

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How can you book Hertz Collectiuon cars with make and model guarntee?

At this point it’s only possible to book make and model guarantee via the Hertz Website.

Which Hertz Collections exist?

Green, Family, Fun, Prestige, and Dream Collection.

For which Collections do we offer make and model guarentee?

Fun, Prestige and Dream Collections