Gold Membership and E-billing

Using E-billing combined with Gold Membership:
When customers enroll into the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards loyalty program, they are required to place a preferred method of payment within the Gold Membership profile. This payment method will override all other methods of payment.

Hertz Account Support team can place your E-Billing account number within the customers profile, as a second payment option. For all reservations an E-voucher would still need be generated via the GDS platform. It is only at the point of generating an E-voucher that the rental is recognized by the Hertz Branch as a bill back. With the e-voucher activation being essential through a GDS Platform, this prevents fraudulent use of the E-billing account.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the customer Name and Gold Membership number and your E-billing account number.

Once the E-billing number is placed in the Gold profile, the booking can then be processed using the customers Gold Membership number and the Billing account number.

The Gold membership number is a compulsory part of the reservation and cannot be added after the reservation is processed.